Sargizeh village , Mrs Noor Mohammadi

System specifications launched

Anti-frost system B1

Dedicated board designed for gardeners’ anti-frost products

Equipped with a full-time timer that the farmer can schedule to specify when the motors will be activated without being present.
● Possibility of designing an integrated control system of all devices for monitoring and measuring environmental conditions in the factory or competent organs
● Equipped with data logger to record information and review it in software under Windows to obtain reports in numerical and graph
● Controlling the correct operation of the motor and detecting mechanical collisions or the release of fan blades even despite its electrical connection
● Has a simple and efficient mobile application for the farmer to use to control the device remotely
جه Equipped with operating hours to review service and warranty courses
● Connect to the machine from the factory even by changing the SIM card by the farmer
● Lack of access and control of device parameters by unauthorized persons
● Ability to communicate via SMS and the Internet

Operation placeSargizeh village of Maragheh
the ownerMrs. Noor Mohammadi

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