Packaging of agricultural products

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بسته‌ بندی محصولات کشاورزی

Packaging of agricultural products has been a necessity for many years in many countries of the world for agricultural and rural development as well as to prevent the loss of large quantities of products..

Strange statistics:

According to the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture:

Annually, 35% of agricultural products in the process of production and supply are converted into waste in various forms, which can provide food for more than 15 million people.

Annually, 35% of agricultural products are turned into waste. Although Iran is one of the top producers of most horticultural and paddy items, “category 7 or 8”, but in the export of these items due to packaging and sorting problems, this is not consistent with production.

Requirement for packaging of agricultural products:

Any goods that are exported in bulk:

  • About 10 to 15 percent is wasted in ports due to lack of refrigeration systems and proper packaging.
  • 10 to 15% is lost at the destination when loading.

as a result:

About 30 percent is lost to national resources and exporters. According to the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture, 35% of agricultural products are turned into waste in various forms in the process of production and supply, which can provide food for more than 15 million people.

Some of this waste is in the freight and transportation of food products, but most of this waste occurs in the trucking fields.

Creating and expanding packaging of agricultural products:

Undoubtedly, the creation and expansion of the packaging industry can have many benefits and cause the following:

  • Creating sustainable employment
  • Increase exports
  • Reduce the amount of waste
  • Reduce food spoilage

Creating food security:

Through the packaging of agricultural products, the amount of food that can be used by the population of the country increases and, consequently, food security in the national dimension is improved to some extent in terms of quantity and quality.

Undoubtedly, by implementing the principles of packaging in the field of food and agriculture, the products of this field will be promoted in terms of customer-friendliness and will increase the consumption of these products by providing customer satisfaction in the long run.

Increasing market demand for each agricultural product can lead to the following:

  • Encourage farmers to produce more
  • Encourage farmers to produce more
  • Reduce rural migration to cities

Advantages of the packaging and standard industries:

  • Packaging and standard industries cause:
  • Provide healthy and safe products in the market
  • Reduce the possibility of abuse by some profiteers
  • Reduce sales of counterfeit and low quality products

Benefits of expanding the agricultural packaging industry:

In general, the expansion of the packaging industry has important benefits, which include:

  1. Increase productivity in agriculture
  2. Reduction of agricultural waste
  3. Increasing agricultural production
  4. Increasing farmers’ incomes
  5. Creating change in this field of agriculture

It should be noted that all of the above are part of the requirements for implementing a resilient economy in the field of agriculture and food.

Final note:

Pishgaman Sanat Keshavarzi Baghban Company, realizing the necessity of this matter and having a team of expert consultants and experts with experience and knowledge of the world day, provides agricultural packaging services for products and available to dear farmers with the latest packaging method, elegant, customer-friendly for domestic use And offers exports.

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