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Marketing of agricultural products is one of the necessities of rural and agricultural production system, the importance of which is very evident in the process of rural production. The importance of this issue is such that in developed countries and even in developing countries, marketing is a more important category than production and marketing is referred to as the invisible hand of production.

Problems and problems of marketing agricultural products:

There are many issues and problems in the field of marketing of agricultural products in our country, which always act as a strong barrier to proper marketing and further development of the product sales market.:

  1. Inadequate structure of marketing facilities
  2. Price instability
  3. Seasonality of agricultural products
  4. Inadequate market information system
  5. High cost of production
  6. Abundant waste during different stages of production
  7. The presence of many brokers and intermediaries
  8. Inadequate government support for market development
  9. Rural products marketing policies

All the above factors go hand in hand and prevent the following from occurring:

  • Farmers achieve high incomes
  • Increasing the added value of manufactured products
  • Also fight poverty and deprivation of villagers

The history of our studies shows that due to the issues raised about the importance of marketing agricultural products, it is necessary to improve the quantity and quality of production and increase productivity in the agricultural sector and ultimately develop this sector before production, suitable markets for these products. Identify and supply the produced products so that in this regard, Baghban Agricultural Industry Pioneers Company with the aim of reforming and improving the service system and marketing of agricultural products, eliminating intermediaries and finally improving the production and income of farmers can play an important role and added value. Pay attention to the agricultural industry and farmers.
To use the services of developing your agricultural products market, contact us through the contact information of the head office located in Tabriz or Maragheh office.

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