Important diseases and pests of fruit trees

باغوان | امراض و آفات مهم درختان میوه

امراض و آفات مهم درختان میوه

Important diseases and pests of fruit trees is an important issue that is recommended to be respected by farmers and gardeners to some extent that if they encounter any of the diseases to seek more appropriate solutions.

Important diseases and pests of fruit trees / Curl leaf (peach leaf complexity)

Leaf Carl In this disease, when the leaves are twisted, twisted and deformed, this twisting is due to the abnormal texture of the tissue in a certain part of the leaves, such as:

Important diseases and pests of fruit trees / peach leaves.

Peach leaf disease in Persian is called camel lip disease or peacock red wind disease.


Disease damage includes complexity, swelling, discoloration, leaf fall, and contamination of buds and branches, resulting in general weakness of the tree. Young trees are more prone to this disease than old trees

They are sensitive and in general this disease is not economically important in hot and dry areas. Symptoms of the disease are those that appear only on the number of leaves on each tree, but practically infect all the leaves. When infected leaves turn red or purple, the formation of fungal spores of the disease begins at the upper level, at which point it turns brown.

When it is light, it starts to fall. This leaf fall depends on the weather conditions, so in hot and dry weather, the leaves fall faster and usually in early July. If a large amount of leaves fall off, new leaves are formed from good buds and appear.

Young branches with the disease also become slightly swollen and stop growing. Contaminated young blossoms and fruits fall prematurely. On the skin of larger fruits, discolored parts and wrinkles appear.

  • a fight
  • Planting resistant seedlings
  • Collect plant debris from the garden surface
  • Branching
  • Weed control

To control the disease, the complexity of Shaftalodobar leaves is developed by spraying iodine with Bordeaux compound in autumn after leaf fall and the second in Darbostan, ie the end of winter before bud swelling.

Important Diseases and Pests of Fruit Trees / Shuttle or Fruit Tree Screening Disease

Introduction of the disease:

Screening disease not only weakens the tree and reduces the value of the crop, but also reduces the market value of the fruit due to the stains it leaves on the fruit. .


Peaches, apricots are the main hosts of this disease. And the most important things that are attacked are:

  • Branches
  • Flower
  • Leaves
  • Fruit
  • Tree buds

The affected organs and their symptoms on different hosts are different, which means that in apricots, it attacks the leaves and buds, but the symptoms are not seen on the branches. In almonds, the symptoms appear on the branches, especially the leaves, and do not damage the fruit.

While in peach the symptoms of this disease can rarely be seen on the fruit, but instead it attacks the leaves and young shoots.

Disease control:

  • Branching
  • Remove plant debris from the garden surface
  • Weed control
  • Planting resistant tree

Bordeaux spice is very effective in controlling this disease. This spice should be used in the winter of Pisces.

powdery mildew of Apple Ash

signs :

The disease usually affects a portion of the leaves, twigs, buds, blossoms, and fruits. In the leaves, the symptoms of the disease appear in the spring in the form of gray or white scabs on the surface, which are occasionally eaten by the leaves.

In the middle of summer, when it is relatively warm, the bushes lose their powdery color. Black suck is observed up to its surface, as a result of which the mentioned branch loses its life, and sometimes only the tips of the branches, which were sensitive to the disease, are destroyed. Apples are also affected by the disease.

Control :

The control of this disease is not the same in different regions, generally water-soluble sulfur is used in several intervals, which has given good results, and also if varieties of apples that are resistant to this disease are planted to reduce the severity of the disease to some extent. Gives .

It should be noted that the amount of soluble sulfur in water is from 2-4 grams per liter of water.

The use of poly is very effective in controlling this disease. If it is used in the month of Pisces, the amount of two kilograms of poly in 655 liters of water should be used. If after pouring the flower is observed, one kilogram in 655 liters of water mixed with iodine should be used.

Important diseases and pests of fruit trees / (apple scab) scab

From the economic point of view, it can be said that apple scab is the most harmful apple disease in all parts of the world. This damage includes loss of yield, reduction in quantity and quality of fruit. Damage from this disease sometimes reaches 655%.


Symptoms of the disease first appear as olive spots under the sepals or young leaves and then turn gray and black.

Spots on young, fresh leaves usually appear on the leaves. Spots may be solitary or fungus-like. Spots also appear on fruits, which are initially olive in color and then turn black.

Disease control:

There are different ways to control the disease. This method can be achieved by using several cases of control of this disease. These methods are:

  • Selection of resistant varieties
  • Eliminate their wintering forms
  • Branching
  • Eliminate weeds

Important diseases and pests of fruit trees / root-eating worms

Important diseases and pests of fruit trees / This insect is present in most parts of Afghanistan and feeds on the roots of various plants. For this reason, it can be sent to Gials, Knock, Apple, Peach, Peach, Eggplant, Plum, Apricot, Sour Cherry, Pomegranate, Cucumber, Green Bean, Pumpkin, and Potato. contemptible.

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