Unveiling of four types of anti-frost system in Baghvan

مراسم رونمایی از محصولات باغوان

Unveiling of four types of anti-frost systems :

Maragheh – IRNA – The Deputy Governor of East Azerbaijan and the Special Governor of Maragheh announced the localization of four types of anti-frost systems in the city and said: “These devices have been localized by domestic manufacturers.”.

According to IRNA, Seyyed Ali Mousavi Hosseini on Thursday at the unveiling ceremony of “Baghvan” anti-frost products, which was held in the presence of Alizadeh, representative of Maragheh and Ajabshir people in the Islamic Consultative Assembly and some city officials, said: And engineering The pioneers of the garden industry (gardener) have been localized and built. as follows:

  • Antifreeze system B1
  • Intelligent anti-frost system B1 Plus
  • Badran 30,000 smart system
  • Badran intelligent system 45 thousand

These devices are 2 to 10 hectares and in addition to protecting gardens and agricultural lands, these devices help the growth, color and natural freshness of crops.

He added:

The factory for the production of these products in a land area of 1,500 square meters and with an initial investment of 3.5 billion tomans by the private sector and by creating direct employment for 9 people and indirectly 18 people has been set up and has reached mass production.


مراسم رونمایی از محصولات باغوان

سامانه های ضدسرمازدگی باغوان

The governor of Maragheh considered this city as one of the agricultural hubs and gardens of the country and said: this city has been able to earn more than 3 thousand billion Tomans annually with more than 110 thousand hectares of agricultural lands and annual production of 400 thousand tons of agricultural products..

Unveiling of four types of anti-frost system in Baghvan

Mousavi Hosseini said:

Unfortunately, the lack of conversion industries is one of the most important shortcomings in the field of agriculture in the city.
He pointed to the damages of the agricultural sector of the city and said: “Unfortunately, 20 to 45% of the agricultural products of the city are destroyed annually due to pests, hail and cold, and more than one thousand billion tomans of damage is caused.”
He continued:

In contrast to this amount of annual damages, only 15 billion tomans of agricultural insurance is paid to the farmers of the city, which is a very small amount.


The governor of Maragheh noted:

Exploitation of such products causes the damage to the agricultural sector of the city to be minimized and the amount of wealth and income of the people and the city to increase, thus witnessing economic development as well as the development of other areas.
Maragheh city with a population of about 268 thousand people is located 127 km from Tabriz, the center of East Azerbaijan..

مراسم رونمایی از محصولات باغوان

سامانه های ضدسرمازدگی باغوان

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