Recognize the symptoms of frostbite

Frostbite and its different types

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Symptoms of frostbite vary in different parts of the tree as well as the tolerance of different species to cold and frost. It is caused by frostbite.

Symptoms of frostbite on buds and flowers:

Freezing of buds is shown by oxidative discoloration and browning of tissues, destruction of growing flowers within the bud and complete blackening of the limb.

Symptoms of frostbite on fruit:

Mature fruits are late ripening that are not harvested during the winter and fall on the tree, and the tail of the fruit often turns brown due to winter or spring frosts.

Symptoms of frostbite on the leaves:

Winter frosts or young leaves cause them to turn pale green or yellow and eventually wither and dry out.

Frostbite of adult leaves:

  • The tip of the leaf bends downwards.
  • Leaves that came in contact with frost at a young age become tubular
  • The underside of the leaf will be pale green and have areas

Frostbite and its different types

Frost on branches and twigs:

  • Thorn is one of the cold sensitive organs.
  • Due to the cold, the texture changes color
  • This situation is especially evident in the part of the branch that is exposed to cold

Winter sunburn:

On cold winter nights, the intercellular water freezes, and during the day, intense sunlight shines on the southern and southwestern parts of the tree, causing the ice to melt. Continuous freezing and thawing of intercellular water due to cold and radiation. The sun damages the winter sunburn.

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