About us

About us


Baghban agriculture industry pioneer company with Baghone brand and with acquisition, localization and development of technical knowledge and based on precise recognition of essential requirements for agriculture industry in the fields of designation and production of anti-freeze systems to protect gardens and fruit trees, intention to help agriculture industry of Iran and dear farmers and gardeners, and attempt to protect fruit trees from the severity of frost damage.   

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About us


At Baghone group, we aim to create an Iranian brand in the world class to be a pioneer in the anti-freeze equipment industry based on foreign and domestic climate and to be a small leader in the first rank and the highest quality rank in this industry.

  • The environment Change traditional method to industrial
  • Industrial agricultureEnvironmentally friendly technology
  • The world classActivity at the international level
  • The top Iranian brandThe pioneer in agriculture technology

What do they say?

Customer comments

I just made a public announcement here that if there is such an award for the seller of the year, you will receive it. We all vote for you. The customer is so willing, and you just go beyond that.

Jack CarterTechnology systems

I wanted to thank you and your crew for spinning so fast! It is highly appreciated and that is why I always choose the Extra format for my needs! Well done and this level of service is exactly why I choose to us the Extra template on my engine!

Nicholas CageIndustrial company

Extra always has what we need at a reasonable price. Tom is a great help even when it’s hard to find. From the office to Tom or anyone else in the back, always be happy to take the time to order what you know.

John AlbertaIndustrial factory


Our results

Baghban pioneer agriculture industry company

with Baghone commercial brand is thinking of

a day to be a pioneer in the Islamic Republic of Iran.


138+Protected area (hectares)
38+Protected cities

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Fundamental values

Founders, managers and employees of Baghone team believe that ethic and human values such as service and assistance to human begins, especially to farmers and the upgrading of horticulture and agriculture industries based on the principle of customer tribute by recognizing their real requirements and regarding fairness and justice in business management and customer service, are the highest vales and Baghone team commits to maintain and accomplish these duties in difficult and easy conditions. Moreover, the main core and headlines of Baghone team’s activities are the belief in Iranian knowledge and ability to achieve business ideals and assignments.